For more than
years Mercer University has provided distinctive educational experiences that equip and transform its students to achieve their life and vocational aspirations.
Mercer’s uniqueness is found in how it integrates five defining components of its mission — liberal learning, professional knowledge, discovery, service to humankind and community. The Mercer brand is rooted in a commitment to serve and a mission that instills in its graduates a passion to use their knowledge and talents to shape a better world.

Undergirding the Mercer brand is the University’s reputation for:

Educating men and women who go on to assume leadership positions in most every sector of society.

Valuing religious and intellectual freedom.

Integrating research and service to address some of the world’s toughest problems and greatest needs.

Strengthening communities across the globe.

Equipping people to lead virtuous, meaningful and responsible lives.

Embracing diversity by recognizing the dignity and worth of every person.