The Mercer University seal

The University Seal

The University seal is not to be used for general branding, marketing, communications and promotional purposes. Its use is restricted to official documents, publications and materials associated with the Office of the President and Board of Trustees, or for purposes approved by the President or the Board of Trustees. Examples of approvedĀ uses include:

  • Diplomas, transcripts, official certificates.
  • Printed programs, banners and other materials associated with commencements and convocations.
  • University catalogs.
  • Campus and building identification signage (not interior signage).
  • Architectural features (i.e., Jesse Mercer Plaza).
  • Certain jewelry and merchandise that is licensed through the University.
  • Award plaques presented on behalf of the Board of Trustees or Office of the President.

If you have questions about use of the University seal, please contact the Office of Marketing Communications.