Trademark Policy

6. Responsibilities

The Office of Marketing Communications has the responsibility of reviewing all requests for use of Mercer marks. The Office of Marketing Communications also has the responsibility of working with Learfield Licensing Partners Inc., or any other outside licensing company hired by the University, to ensure proper use, maintenance and license of Mercer marks.

The Office of General Counsel has the responsibility to assist the Office of Marketing Communications in the preparation of all licenses and in reviewing and evaluating any extraordinary requests for use of Mercer marks.

7. Labor Practices/Code of Conduct

Mercer University is committed to the concept that all merchandise bearing reference to the University (including each department and recognized student organization affiliated with the University) will be manufactured by companies whose labor policies ensure their employees are safe from abusive labor conditions including, but not restricted to physical abuse, sexual discrimination and harassment, child labor and environmental contamination. In order to ensure the broadest interpretation of this policy the University requires that any custom imprinted product produced for the University (including department and recognized clubs and organizations) be manufactured by those companies that are appropriately licensed to use University trademarks (licensees), and are in compliance with Learfield Licensing Partners Inc. policies.