Trademark Policy

2. Authority

State and federal law require all trademark holders to exercise control over the use and quality of its marks. Further, the University has delegated the responsibility for all Mercer marks to the Office of Marketing Communications.

3. Applicability

This policy applies to all individuals, campus organizations, Mercer University departments, businesses, and advertisers wishing to sell, market and/or give away merchandise bearing any Mercer mark.

4. Policy

No Mercer mark may be used without the prior, written authorization of Mercer University. All products bearing Mercer marks and distributed for resale or other promotional purposes are subject to the licensing policies of the University.

The University requires that any custom imprinted product produced for the University (including departments and recognized clubs and organizations) be manufactured by only those companies appropriately licensed to use Mercer marks, and are in compliance with Learfield Licensing Partners Inc. policies.

Only an Officially Licensed Vendor is approved to produce emblematic merchandise bearing Mercer marks. The Office of Marketing Communications shall maintain a list of all Officially Licensed Vendors.

Mercer marks may be used to endorse or promote a private group or business only if authorized by a written contract or sponsorship agreement signed by Mercer. Companies and individuals wishing to extend congratulatory messages or statements of support, may receive authorization to use prescribed verbiage containing Mercer marks. Such messages must be clearly separate from the sale or promotion of any products not specifically licensed by Mercer University.