Domain Names

The use of "mercer" within a domain name such as in relation to the University is a trademark owned by the University. Therefore, the use of "mercer" within a domain name is specifically controlled. Anyone wanting to register "mercer" in a domain name must have permission from the Department of Information Technology.

Mercer websites generally will have the form (where xyz is a unique name or identifier for a department, organization, individual, event or other appropriate entity requiring a domain name). For technical reasons, Information Technology may establish additional servers and names such as www1, www2, etc. in place of www listed above, but for marketing purposes will be used when publicizing the site. There may be times when establishing a special name such as or is appropriate. Information Technology must approve these exceptions in advance.


Sanctions may include but are not limited to suspension of technology privileges, referral to Student Judicial Services, termination of employment, and/or criminal prosecution. For additional information, please reference the Information Technology Access and Use Policy.