1. Websites are to be in accordance with all applicable Mercer policies.

2. Websites may not contain or display fraudulent, harassing or obscene messages and/or materials. Further, materials of this type may not be stored on University websites or other information technology systems, even if they are not displayed.

3. Mercer resources may be used to create websites about an individual or an individual's interests, but may not be used for personal business, personal gain, or partisan political purposes, except as permitted by other University policies.

4. As a general rule, commercial advertising is not permitted on websites. This includes banner advertisements as well as graphic images that promote a commercial service or text links of a commercial nature. No graphic or text may imply Mercer endorsement of commercial products or services. Any exceptions to this policy must be granted in writing by the Office of Marketing Communications and Office of General Counsel.

5. Copyright laws apply to electronic publishing as well as to print publishing. Website owners are required to conform to the University's copyright and intellectual use policies, which may be found here.

6. Mercer graphics and images are owned by the University and may not be altered in any way. All use of Mercer graphics and images must conform to Graphic Standards.

7. Mercer reserves the right to add or require specific information to each web page or website, including, but not limited to:
  1. a link to Mercer's home page;
  2. a page owner's e-mail address;
  3. legal information and disclaimers;
  4. the date of last update for that page; and
  5. the URL for that page.