Scope of Websites Allowed and Governed by this Policy

1. Mercer may provide resources to host a website for the following individuals and organizations:
  1. Colleges, schools, departments, centers, institutes and other entities that make up the University;
  2. Current faculty, staff, and emeriti faculty;
  3. Currently enrolled students;
  4. Student organizations recognized and in good standing with the University with the endorsement of the organization's adviser;
  5. Third-party organizations directly affiliated with and sponsored by the University;
  6. Professional societies and other non-profit organizations that have a substantial relationship to Mercer's mission. Further, for these organizations, a current member of the Mercer faculty or staff will be responsible for working with the organization and managing its website.

2. Colleges, schools, departments, centers, institutes and other organizational entities within the University must receive approval from the Department of Information Technology’s Web Management staff before contracting with third parties for Mercer-related websites. Web Management staff must be included in all planning, design, and development phases of the project. All Mercer-related websites, including those hosted or created by third parties, are governed by this policy and the related policies listed above.

3. All websites must be actively sponsored and managed by a current faculty or staff member or current student. Website owners are responsible for reviewing and ensuring that their website(s) are kept current. Web Management and Marketing Communications staff will occasionally review website content to ensure accuracy, timeliness, and appropriateness.

4. Approval of a website may be denied based on the lack of necessary resources whether those resources are technical, personnel, or of another classification.