Collateral Design

Mercer University collateral is developed within schools, departments and organizations. From the most basic tri-fold brochure to a complex magazine, each publication must represent a consistent quality and style that reflects the character of our institution. There is no University-wide prescription for publication design, but each school or department should create its own family of collateral that adheres to a clear set of guidelines regarding font usage, color palette, and artwork style within the parameters of the University Style Guide.

For assistance in producing a new publication, complete one of the following forms.
Direct-Submit Project Request Form (PDF) Completed form may be submitted directly from within application. (requires Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader)
Standard-Submit Project Request Form (PDF) Completed form may be delivered to Marketing Communications by fax (478-301-2684), email, campus mail, or in person.
To see more examples of Mercer publications, go to: